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Kit 1


Kit  1 includes the  home control alarm panel,  two keyfobs, two PIRs, one door/window contact & one external sounder.

This kit also supports video cameras plus fire & carbon monoxide detectors crucial to protecting your home or business.

You can control your security system & see live images from your serveillance cameras anywhere in the world on your smart device. 
Up to 4 different areas in the home can be armed independently of each other.  For instance, you can leave the garage armed when you are at home whilst other areas remain disarmed.
Two wireless keyfobs are provided as a convenient alternative to the alarm panel input code  in order to arm  or disarm the system  from inside, or around the premesis.

This kit supports Central Monitoring.  When you choose central monitoring you can also choose for the keyholder(s),  Police or security guards to be informed of alarm activations. 


Ryno Burglar Intruder Alarm Kit 2